Erlenmeyer Flasks Vented

Product Code: 020607-0125

Orange Vent Cap, Sterile, 1 Per Bag, Carton of 50

The 125ml Erlenmeyer Flask is ideal for the suspension of cell culture, media preparation, mixing and storage.

Manufactured from virgin PETG, the flask is robust and break resistant, thus increasing personal safety. The single-use, flat-bottomed flask is supplied with a vented HDPE screw cap and a 0.22µm microporous hydrophobic PTFE membrane for continuous gas exchange without contamination.

The flask and cap are packaged individually in a sterile zip sealable bag.

  • Erlenmeyer Flask, 125ml, PETG
  • HDPE Screw Cap, Vented, Orange
  • Carton of 50, Individually Bagged
  • Gamma Radiation Sterilised
  • Laboratory Use Only