Media Bottles

Product Code: 664-XXX

Media Bottles, PET Bottle, HDPE Cap, Sterile

The Media Bottles are intended for storing and transporting general reagents and cell culture reagents.

The square-shaped bottles are designed to maximise space saving, durability, strength, and clarity as near as glass as possible.

The bottles are shrink-wrapped in double-walled corrugated paper boxes and thoroughly sterilised for best quality.

  • Media PET Bottle, HDPE Cap
  • Shrink Wrapped Tray Modules
  • Moulded-In Graduation Scales
  • Non-Cytotoxic, Non-Pyrogenic, Non-Hemolytic
  • DNase Free, RNase Free, Human DNA Free
  • Sterile


Code   SKU   Volume   Inner Qnty   Carton Qnty
664-825   56125   125ml   24   96
664-826   56250   250ml   30   60
664-827   56500   500ml   24   48
664-828   56000   1000ml   12   24