Ziath Handheld 2 Tube Reader

Product Code: ZTS-HND2

The Ziath Handheld 2 reader is a truly portable reader which can be held and operated in one hand; leaving the other free for tube handling. Requires no external computer.

  • Compatible with all 2D datamatrix coded tubes
  • Portable, independent and compact
  • Pre-loaded software boots up immediately
  • Battery life of up to a week with casual use



Parameter Ziath Handheld 2 Tube Reader
Dimensions (L x W x D) 155 x 65 x 38mm
Weight 150g
Battery charger input 100-240VAC 60/50Hz, 260mA
Battery charger output 5VDC, 2.4A
Battery life typically 8 hours between charges
Data storage on instrument typically up to 60,000 sample

Wide Compatibility and Portability

  • Compatible with all 2D Datamatrix coded tubes and labels
  • No external computer or tablet needed
  • Software is pre-loaded and boots up immediately
  • Allows you to read tubes standing in the basement at the freezer or liquid nitrogen tank; even out in the field acquiring samples

Operational Modes

  • Barcode reading – Read a tube barcode to view it on the screen
  • Picklist – Enter a picklist using the associated Client and read the tubes with the handheld device to ensure you have the correct tubes while at the freezer
  • Data View – Read a barcode to see the details of the sample in the tube
  • Data Entry – Read a barcode and enter the information on the same to store

Client App

  • This readers comes with an associated client application to help define the data to store and load/unload it onto the handheld
  • The application is designed to assist with the transfer of data on and off the handheld so that it can be used in environments with no computer network available
  • This allows you to go into the deepest darkest corners of your sample storage and still be able to access your data