Ziath Mirage RITrack RFID Reader

Product Code: DP5-M-RIT-80

RITrack revolutionizes frozen sample handling with radio-frequency tagging, overcoming ice challenges on tube and rack bases. Tags hold tube and rack data, fit SBS racks, and can be read by Mirage reader or smartphone app for seamless sample tracking, even with frost.

  • Identifies 2D codes without line of sight
  • Decodes frost-covered tubes
  • Intuitive app for remote rack reading
  • Unlimited re-writes on RFID tags

Revolutionizing the handling of frozen samples stored in 2D-coded tubes, RITrack utilizes innovative radio-frequency tagging to eliminate the challenges posed when no line of sight is clear for 2D coded tubes, such as ice formation on tube and rack bases. With the ability to store identities for up to 96 tubes in a rack, it works seamlessly with cryotubes straight from the freezer, including vapor-phase LN2 storage, safeguarding thermally sensitive samples without requiring warming or thawing. Compatible with standard SBS racks, RITrack lowers operational costs, offering a cost-effective and durable sample tracking solution that enhances lab productivity.

As RITrack tags use standard RFID technology, they can also be read by any smartphone device with Near Field Communication (NFC). An easy-to-use app can be downloaded free from the App Store or Google Play to any compatible smartphone. The app allows the tag information to be read and the data displayed in either graphical or tabular format. This makes it easy to identify any individual tube in the frozen rack together with its location. Simply open the freezer, withdraw a rack and offer it up to the phone to see all the available tubes in that rack, eliminating the inefficiency of taking one or more cold racks back to the lab.

Using the Pick List function of the app, tubes from several different racks can be checked-off right in front of the freezer, again saving valuable technician time.

RITrack data for every individual tube as well as the rack barcode can be read or stored to the tag in a matter of seconds. This makes it very quick and easy to manage frozen samples without thawing or removing ice, thus saving valuable time and protecting delicate thermally sensitive materials in the stored tubes.


Parameter Mirage RITrack
Dimensions (D x W x H) 207 x 134 x 118.5mm
Weight 1.4Kg
Power adapter input 100-240 VAC; output 5VDC 4A
Power consumption ≤ 10 watts
Labware compatibility SBS racks, 24, 48, and 96 format
Imaging technology CMOS camera
Read time approx. 3 seconds
Code compatibility 2D Datamatrix
Working temperature 5 to 35°C
Data export export data as .csv, .text, Excel®, .XML, .JSON, Python, .DB, .PNG or email
Operating system on host PC Windows® 10, 11
Warranty 2 years
Software includes remote control capability for integration applications
RFID standard ISO/IEC 15693
Operating frequency 13.56 MHz
Parameter RITrack Tag
RFID standard ISO/IEC 15693
Operating frequency 13.56 MHz
Mounting method insertable clip
Water IP69
Vibration IEC 68.2.6 [10 g, 10 to 2000 Hz, 3 axis, 2.5 h]
Shock IEC 68.2.29 [40 g, 18 ms, 6 axis, 2000 times]
Storage temperature – 150 to 50°C
Operating temperature – 150 to 50°C
Exposure to temperature cycling, including evaporating liquid nitrogen and room temperature (10,000 cycles)

Revolutionizing Sample Tracking in Cryogenic Storage

  • Use RITrack Mirage to decode tubes, then write/re-write data onto tag​
  • Tags store individual tube identities, up to 16 characters, for up to 96 tubes in a rack, their positions and rack ID
  • Tags fit most commercially available SBS racks ​to lower operational costs
  • Compatible with racks covered in ice and with racks stored in vapor-phase LN2, no warming or thawing therefore protecting thermally sensitive samples
  • RITrack Mirage can read stored data back from the tag and compare with photographic data to identify if any tubes have been moved, removed or replaced
  • DP5 RITrack software will highlight tube in rack changes in the visual interface as well as in the tabulated data
  • RFID tags last and function for the whole life of the racks, with unlimited re-writes
  • Unique RFID technology exclusive to Azenta Life Sciences

Flexible Reading with Smartphone App

  • Intuitive, free smartphone application (Google Play/ Apple App Store)​
  • Simply open the freezer, withdraw a rack and offer it up to the phone to see all the available tubes in that rack
  • Data displayed in either graphical or tabular format
  • Pick list function allows for checked-off right in front of the freezer, saving valuable technician time
  • Protect thermally sensitive samples by reading directly at freezer

Cryoprotection Option

  • The occurrence of condensation whilst scanning 2D datamatrix tubes straight from cryogenic storage is well known
  • Ziath’s Cryoprotection™ is a special proprietary coating that eliminates the condensation and ensures uninterrupted scanning
  • Ziath’s method for eliminating condensation uses no extra electrical components
  • Prevents the scanner window from misting up when a cold rack is scanned
  • Our passive technology does not use heat or blown air
  • No risk of accidentally thawing your samples
  • Increased reliability and insurance that the cost of this option is at acceptable levels