Automated Sample Storage System

Azenta Life Sciences are global leaders in Automated Sample Storage Systems exclusive distributed by BioTools Pty Ltd with Sample Storage from Room Temperature and Ultra-Low to Cryogenic.
Automated Cold Storage Systems (Ambient to -20°C):
Industry leading automated stores. Flexible, modular, providing accurate inventory control, and improving sample throughput across a range of applications: compound management, basic research, drug discovery.
Automated Ultra Cold Storage Systems (-80°C ULT):
Ultra-Low temperature automated stores & freezers: flexible, modular, providing accurate inventory control, optimizing customer workflows, improving sample throughput from basic research to gene therapy.
Automated Cryogenic Storage Systems (-190°C):
The automated LN2-based BioStore makes cryogenic sample management easy. Purpose-built to handle a wide array of vials, cryoboxes. The CryoPod solves time and temperature gaps during cryogenic transport.