ALPAQUA 384-Well Magnet Plate

Product Code: A001222

Designed for use with 384-well PCR plates. Contains 96 strong post magnets and integrated Spring Cushion Technology for high throughput magnetic bead separations.

The perfect magnet for all your high- to ultra-high throughput genomic applications.

Key Features

  • Optimized for robotic access
  • Strong NdFeB post magnets for efficient bead capture in high density PCR plates
  • 15 µl elution volume
  • Compatible with most magnetic bead chemistries and protocols
  • Integrated Spring Cushion Technology for maximized aspiration without tip occlusions

Focused on Automation

  • The Alpaqua 384 Post Magnet Plate is designed with automated high throughput usage in mind. SBS footprint for broad compatibility, gripper grooves for easy robot access, and integrated Spring Cushion Technology.
  • For best results we recommend using rigid PCR microplates such as 4titude FrameStar® microplates.