ALPAQUA 24 Position SBS Tube Rack

Product Code: A000260

SBS-compliant tube rack for use on liquid handlers to accommodate a range of tube types. The standard diameter is 16.6mm for a variety of tubes such as 15ml centrifuge tubes (VWR, Axygen, BD, Corning, etc.), 12ml KIMAX Culture tubes, Oragene OG-500 tubes and Tyco Monoject Tubes. Custom sizes available from ca. 12 – 17 mm.

24 Position SBS Tube Rack

  • SBS footprint, compatible with standard liquid handler decks
  • Holds up to 24 tubes
  • Compatible with a range of tube types from 12 – 17 mm. Specify when ordering.

This tube rack is similar to our 15 ml tube rack, P/N A000260. However, the difference between them is that this rack has a closed bottom. 15 ml centrifuge tubes sit 0.5 mm above the deck.

We can build the rack for tube diameters ranging from 12 – 17 mm. Ideally, we like to have a sample tube to ensure a perfect fit, but you can also specify the diameter. Measure the tube diameter at 65 mm from the bottom.