Product Code: A000440

Universal 24-well magnet plate for rapid magnetic bead separation from large volume and viscous samples and it enables low volume elution using concentric a solid-core ring magnet configuration with integrated Spring Cushion Technology .


The Magnum FLX24 universal, 24-well magnet plate, employs solid-core technology with concentric ring magnet architecture that enables up to 30% faster separation times and the ability to elute in as little as 40 μl. This enables unprecedented flexibility and performance for large volume, magnetic bead-based extractions of nucleic acids or proteins with the maximized quality and speed you’ve come to expect from Alpaqua magnet plates

Key Features 

  • Separate large volumes up to 30% faster
  • Ideal for use with many liquid types including viscous blood and serum samples
  • Elution volume as low as 40 μL
  • SBS footprint and automation-friendly
  • Universal 24-well microplate compatibility – round bottom, conical bottom, and pyramid bottom deep-well plates
  • Integrated Spring Cushion Technology enables maximized sample aspiration

The Magnum FLX 24 works well with an increasing number of large volume isolation applications that require effective recovery of magnetic particles from viscous solution such as lysed whole blood, protein extracts, tissue lysates, and other biological fluids, and that require low elution volumes. Examples:

    • Isolation of cell free DNA (cfDNA)
    • Large scale isolation of genomic DNA (gDNA)
    • gDNA or RNA isolation from plant or viscous animal lysates
    • Separation, isolation, or enrichment of cell populations from large liquid volumes using magnetic beads

Typical bead separation times on the Magnum FLX24 are 30% faster than using the Alpaqua MagPlate 24. Additionally, the solid-core ring magnets pull beads closer to the well bottom, enabling elution volumes as low as 40 μL and eliminating the need for additional downstream concentration steps.

SBS footprint and elevated base for broad compatibility, and integrated Spring Cushion Technology

Why do I need Spring Cushion Technology?
Alpaqua microplates with integrated Spring Cushion Technology give way when tips come in contact with a well bottom, thus compensating for physical tolerances between labware and pipettors that can compromise precision aspiration.

Protects instruments & consumables
Improves pipetting consistency
Maximizes usage of reagents & samples
Minimizes tip vacuum & head contamination
Accelerates automated method development