Artel PCS Pipette Calibration

Product Code: PCS-511NC

Ensure data integrity, reliable test results, and regulatory compliance with Artel by Advanced Instruments.

Easily calibrate pipettes, perform interim verifications, standardize operator skills, manage pipette inventory, and more.

Fast, accurate, and precise, the PCS is a portable and easy-to-use volume verification system that simplifies single-channel pipette calibration, interim volume verification, and pipette user/operator training and competency assessment. Paired with the included PCS Software, the PCS helps you stay on top of your pipette inventory with calibration and interim verification scheduling, email notifications, pipette and pipette operator status, and comprehensive, auditable documentation. Easily meet both external regulatory requirements and internal quality standards to ensure data quality.

Accuracy, Precision and Reliability

Internationally recognised, the PCS allows an accurate, precise, quick, and easy measurement of the dispensed volume from any pipette (from 0.1 μL to 5000 μL).  Employing a patented colorimetric method traceable to national or international standards and a high performance photometer the PCS is insensitive to its environment and can be used under standard laboratory conditions.

Precise calibration in a few simple steps:

1. Scan pipette to initiate calibration

2. Dispense samples one at a time into the Blank vial, Results are displayed on the screen as you dispense.

3. Immediate Results – Data is analysed instantly and recorded in the computer database. The calibration sticker prints automatically.

Exceptional Performance at all Volumes

PCS reagents include two solutions. The Blank vial contains blue dye of controlled concentration, filled to extremely tight specifications of volume and cleanliness.  Sample Solution, which contains red dye, is added to the Blank vial by the pipette being measured.

PCS reagents are volume measurement standards, providing exceptionally high accuracy and precision even at volumes as low as 0.1μL. They ensure consistency between tests performed with any pipette, by any operator in any laboratory, anywhere in the world.

Pipette Tracker™ Pro Software (PTP)

PTP is an industry leading pipette management software for tracking, analysing pipette performance and reporting status.  PTP captures and stores results directly from PCS instrument, Tracks pipette inventory and Schedules regular calibrations

Customisable reports with trend analysis and graphical reporting:

  • Bar code label printing and scanning
  • Calibration label printing
  • Facilitates compliance with 21 CFR part 11 electronic records requirements
  • Includes Validation Guide for IQ/OQ
  • Alerts by email when pipettes are due for calibration
  • Electronic signatures
  • Complete audit trail



Using the PCS Software, select a pipette or operator to begin calibration or competency assessment.


Pipette sample into the cuvette. Results for each dispense are displayed within the software.


Digitally review, approve and sign-off on calibrations and operator assessments.