The BioStore -190°C LN2-Based Automated Storage System provides the best in class automated storage solution for cellular products and other materials requiring storage temperatures below glass transition (Tg).

  • Highest sample protection
  • Comprehensive inventory management system
  • Superior user experience
  • LIMS connectivity

The BioStore -190°C LN2-Based Automated Storage System provides researchers and biobank managers with a best-in-class storage solution for cellular products and biosamples. The system combines a high-efficiency LN2 stainless steel freezer with the Azenta Life Sciences technology and software to ensure the highest sample integrity.

The BioStore -190°C LN2-Based Automated Storage System offers the greatest sample protection and comprehensive inventory management and control with a superior user experience at an affordable price. Targeted and non-targeted samples are protected from warming above Tg (glass transition) throughout sample retrieval. Quality is assured by viewing user access, sample inventory, history, and audit-trail reports. Emergency situation protection provides greater than 20 days of temperature stability in the case of energy or LN2 loss.

When this Automated Storage System is paired with end-to-end sample management solutions that integrate seamlessly with your workflow, you can optimize your efficiency and maximize sample utilisation.



Parameter BioStore ™ A45*  BioStore ™ A60*
Dimensions (width) 116.3cm (45.8 in) 152.4cm (60in)
Cryobox capacity 266 630
2ml vial capacity (2 Inch, 54mm) 26,600 63,000





Note: A45 replaces M42*.  A60 replaces M60*.  Updated model provides increased storage capacity per tank wider in diameter.


  • Available in two sizes Compatible with a range of labware, e.g. cryoboxes, vials, microplates
  • Full vial or cassette level inventory tracking
    Complete -190°C vapor storage environment*
    SW is capable of providing accurate real-time audit reports
  • LIMS connectivity and system partitioning for shared use Insulating tower temperature protection for non-targeted tubes
  • Ergonomic design for simple user experience and minimized injury risk
  • 17-23 day hold time in case of catastrophic interruption of electrical or LN2 supply (depending on system size)
  • Proven technology: based on Azenta Life Sciences expertise and industry leading cryogenic freezers

Sample Integrity, Security & Tracking

  • Consistent -190°C temperatures achieved for from top to bottom using LN2 vapor
  • A sample integrity calculator protects samples from excessive warming by predicting their temperatures based on experimental evidence
  • Integrity is further enhanced by protecting innocent samples during storage and retrieval transient exposures
  • Racks are quickly pulled into an insulated sleeve, significantly slowing transient warming
    20-day safety hold time below -135°C (Tg) with full manual access if power or LN2 are disrupted
  • Comprehensive inventory management with vial-level ID, audit trail, reports, and LIMS connectivity


  • Controller software and touchscreen enable efficient order management and execution
  • Its easy-to-use graphical interface permits tube-level inventory management plus sample storage, retrieval, and auditing
  • The software monitors storage environment data and has comprehensive error handling
  • LIMS connectivity is available for real-time sample management
  • Full 21-CFR-11 reporting capability is available
  • Administrator-defined libraries and access control can optimize the system as a shared resource