The principle is simple: a PlateButler® PreciseFlex 400 Standard Reach robot with two or up to four short PlateDispensers or Stacked PlateHotels and corresponding customized PlateButler® software. Proven components that provide a robust system together. Out of the box and ready to be suspended from your own table. Integrate one or two devices simultaneously and optionally, add a LidHolder and/or Barcode Reader. An array of interfaces is available from the PlateButler® library.

The Heron® is ideal for barcode printing and labelling, sealing, washing, dispensing, and plate reading. It is also capable of handling lids. Most importantly, the Heron’s® innovative design makes stacker adjustment for different rack heights a thing of the past. In short, the Heron® saves valuable hands-on time.The demand for intelligent automation of single machines has been on the rise. In a constantly changing market, systems may run on device X one day, and device Y the next. This is why we have developed the Heron®: flexible, user-friendly and universal automation.

  • Can be integrated with virtually any microplate device
  • Easy free-mode teaching
  • Easy switching between operation modes
  • Easy loading
  • No stacker adjustment for different SBS plates
  • Intelligent operation
  • Out of the box
  • Options for barcode reader, plate disposal, lid handling
  • Ideal for tip boxes