The Highest Storage Capacity on the Smallest Surface

A new design for maximum storage capacity on a minimum surface. Plates are stored between the highest position of the robot and the floor, by moving the dispenser through the work station. The PlateButler PlateDispenser can be controlled with any type of microplate and any type of lid. Loading is simple as the system uses doors. Available in two standard sizes. We also offer customized sizes. The PlateButler PlateDispenser is also available as an OEM-product.

Temperature controlled

Our popular PlateDispenser has a new feature, they can now be equipped with a MéCour Temperature Control cooling/ heating option. By using a cryostat for high precision thermoregulation, the PlateDispensers TC can maintain a temperature range from 4 to 50 degrees Celsius / 39 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. This in addition to the proven technology of our PlateDispensers makes for an excellent and efficient way to store plates in a thermal environment. For optimal flexibility the device can be equipped with an extra communication port to control its temperature remotely. This gives the end-users the ability to change the thermal condition during their process. Furthermore, a dry air system is an available option that eliminates unwanted condensation. If you are already using our PlateDispensers, these devices can be added to your existing PlateButler® Robotic System (depending on the exact version).

Key Features

  • The highest storage capacity on the smallest surface
  • Easy to load
  • Deep well, tip racks, tube racks etc.
  • With or without lid
  • All SBS formats
  • TC: Cryostat for high precision thermoregulation
  • TC: Can be used for cooling/heating
  • TC: 4 to 50 degrees Celsius / 39 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit (larger range options on request)
  • TC: Serial communication interface possible for changing temperatures in-process
  • TC: Anti-condensing option available
  • TC: Proven technology for mechanics and thermoregulation