PlateCruiser: Cruise to speed up your process!

Nowadays many laboratories use robotic systems to automate their processes. Normally in these systems a lot of different devices are used, all performing a specific task in the process. This approach brings a lot of flexibility with it. Also due to the different kind of equipment, it can be that the (SBS) plates have to be loaded into the devices with different orientations and/or offsets.

In the overall process the changing of orientation and re-gripping of plates can take quite some robotic time. And thus taking up a significant amount of time of the automated process. Especially when the robots have been placed on a linear axis to enlarge their workspace. This changing and re-gripping raises a question mark. To answer this question mark Lab Services developed the PlateCruiser, a sophisticated design for changing between plate orientations and re-gripping plates in an efficient manner. The device is fully integrated in the PlateButler® design and its motions are blended with the robotic movements. It is mounted on the linear module, allowing plates to cruise within the movements, while being turned.

  • Fast, time efficient changing between plate orientations
  • Less travel time: efficient re-gripping of plates
  • Neat and slim design
  • Fully integrated in the PlateButler® robot designs
  • Smoothly blended in the robotic movements
  • Buttons for homing and manual turning
  • Changing between north, east, west and south orientations
  • Can also be used as a teaching reference
  • All SBS format plates