Flexibility of Random Microplates Loading with Full Control

Many laboratories use different labware (plates, lids, tips reservoirs etc.) for multiple flows on their robotic automation systems. Even more when barcodes are used, it can be that the barcode label side varies from test to test, for the same type of plates! This can be confusing for the end-users and can be error-prone.

Typically, the above is the case when plates are provided externally and the end-user has little influence on the plate layout and barcode locations (such as CRO’s and other facilitation laboratories). To help users with easy loading of the labware into the robotic automation system, Lab Services developed the PlateDefiner.

This device ensures the right type of plate is used and that it has been placed correctly into the robotic automation system. If the plate is of the correct type but has been put into the system in the wrong way, the PlateDefiner can correct this by orientating the plate so that the process can continue without user intervention! The PlateDefiner can also be equipped with a Barcode Reader for optimal and efficient defining of the plates.

  • Barcode Reader option
  • Easy system loading for different applications
  • Orientation check for full control
  • All SBS labware compatible (brand & type independent)
  • Easy labware setup with a PlateButler® client
  • Improves system robustness
  • Ideal when using many different plate types