BioArc is an automated sample management and biological storage system that provides flexible, modular solutions with the security and reliability needed to precisely fit the biobank customer’s needs.

  • Stores wide range of sample containers
  • Can accommodate up to 14,400,000 tubes
  • Dynamic storage shelving
  • Highly customizable


The BioArc Automated Sample Storage System is an exceptional automated solution for managing and storing samples at -80°C, ensuring data integrity and optimal storage conditions. Designed specifically for biobanks in the biopharmaceutical and research sectors, it facilitates efficient sample inventory management while minimizing temperature fluctuations. With its flexible and modular design, the BioArc offers a perfect balance of security, reliability, and customization to meet your unique requirements.

In addition, the BioArc benefits from sharing architecture and automation modules with our proven SampleArc™ system, enabling continuous improvements across a broad install base. The common core of these systems delivers exceptional reliability, making the BioArc product family ideal for biobanking, clinical applications, product warehousing, and more. Count on BioArc to deliver exceptional performance, providing you with maximum reliability, ease of sample migration, and an effortless user experience.

Please contact us to discuss your specific storage labware and capacity requirements.


  • System sizing: Scalable to meet a wide range of capacity needs and can hold up to 14,400,000 tubes (depending on type)
  • Labware flexibility and adaptability: handles the widest range of labware available in a single store, including cryovials, tubes, plates, and cryoboxes
  • Functional modules: allows for customization to meet your needs today and can be modified to meet your future needs
    High-density storage: reformatting labware for proprietary high density storage racks can more than double storage capacity compared to SBS racks
  • Multi-pitch shelving: dynamic storage shelving maximizes storage density; a sample imaging module captures barcodes, labware type, and heights to assure an optimal storage location
  • Easy to use: no special expertise required to operate the system
  • Various models available including options for space efficiency


The BioArc system maintains sample integrity by keeping innocent (unpicked) samples at storage temperature throughout the picking process. Other quality assurance features include:

  • Sample security: redundant refrigeration circuits and backup LN2 capability are standard, and help maintain consistent sample temperature in case of catastrophic power outage
  • -80°C picking modules: can pick cohorts of tubes and maintain non-targeted, ‘innocent’ samples at -80°C until requested by user
  • Temperature homogeneity: by placing the evaporators above all samples, the temperature remains constant throughout the storage environment
  • Minimized thermal disruption: a passive tile wall insulates the storage compartment and allows for rapid sample access; less than 1% of the wall surface area is opened when samples are retrieved, ensuring innocent samples are not exposed to unnecessary temperature cycling


Easy to use interface

  • Intuitive, information-rich display permits operation with no special training
  • Customizable to optimize everyday usage, and support application-specific workflows

High performance and reliability

  • Provides full order control including drag-and-drop order prioritization
  • Optimizes throughput through more efficient batch workflows and order decomposition

Seamless IT integration

  • Flexible deployment options include active directory integration and encrypted system access passwords
  • LIMS options include Web services API, database, and file-based integration
    Accessibility is highly configurable with definable user roles

Sample security and remote access

  • Lifetime inventory and environmental tracking enabling sample chain of custody and audit trail reports
  • Data is accessible from any location using laptop, tablet, or web-enabled devices

System data logging and automation interface

  • Performance tracking assures reliability and enables remote diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Enables easy integration with external automation for fully integrated end-to-end processing solutions